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by The In-Moment

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Please join us on our spiritual musical experience. Let us pacify your ears with some psychedelic rock. 71117 was recorded on July 11th, 2017, it is a synchronistic jam session that seemed to be worthy enough for documentation.


released December 26, 2017

Oz Rizo - vocals, lyrics
Samuel Morris - guitar, bass, drums, production
Samuel David Roope - guitar, bass, drums
Tim Santos - drums


all rights reserved



The In-Moment Hawthorne, California

The In-Moment is a South Bay rock band and higher cosmic entity, creating music through synchronization and manifestation. The In-Moment encourages spiritual enlightenment through consistent reflection and reflects the journey of the group’s collective soul. Influenced by psychedelic, progressive, and blues rock - we have taken many forms over time. The In-Moment grants access to our highest self. ... more

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Track Name: Mother
Mother, ask for a prayer
Brother stands back and stares

Father and sister nowhere to be found
Desert seems to suck up anyone who’s found

Lovers, he takes the reign
Turmoil sinks into veins.
Whether or not you hear my call

Take the time to rest up and be wrong
Lovers, one of all

High-tones, sing ‘em wrong
Well now, here we go

Violets and blues sing the news of tomorrow
The greenest of hues will fuel your eyes and borrow

Nature's call
Nature's call
Nature's call
Feel wrong
Track Name: St. Mary
Proud St. Mary fuels her heart
Plays the runner, have a head start

Proud St. Mary rolls wrong
She skips two steps forward
and she loves her God

Villages, pillages
People of a type of species
They call for me

Liar, trails
Time ain’t for free
Pay your fucking fee

Churches are filled with wallowers
Seem to growl and holler misery
For me

Best now, press now
Time was rested on the hitch of the free
Tell me what you’re missing baby
Proud St. Mary ain’t kissing nobody

Over the eagle's eye, she peers down at me
Takes my hand, asks if i’m happy
She says you love your man
He's the one to tell you what it’s all about

Damn her
Damn her
Damn her
Damn proud St. Mary
Track Name: Beyond the Veil
Ready for a little story
A tad bit gory

Along came the man with his fitful brow
Took from his pocket a scarlet scroll
Took a step a forward and asked to see
Places his hand over my eyes and asked me to breath
So I breathed
So I breathed

And what I see is duty free
What I see is part of me

And under his breath
He summons the rest
In the darkness
I watch the snakes caress
The sound and mask of a mind
He got to present, It’s a gift

But where can I go to flee
In the dream that’s mistaken for reality
It’s a story a we all share and breath
Are you the man or me or something in between

As the snakes ride
Poison fills my mind
Darkened by the shadows
Left upon the hallow long gone desert
And he’s gone and I’m strong
Blinded by wrong doin’ what I can’t do no more
In an endless dream

And now I, I count to three
and promise you’ll still be asleep

And three
And three
And three
Track Name: Apocalyptical Lies
Great planes rise
Through the pliant rain, rain
Future rights take the night as a game, game, game
Prince’s rights are taken
Lover’s rights are taken

Due too
Seas unleashed
Lights revered
On the breach

Apocalyptical cries
Confused minds lie
Apocalyptical lies
Will rise

Shadow have you got a story to tell
Sing the latest prayer
Shadow have you got something to share
High was wasting
Quite a patience dwindles

Windows shatter under heavy breath
Wind blows
Dark sick veins around my breasts

Look upon the sky
Watch the field drain and rise, rise, rise high

In the dirt blaze charcoal
Red and light
In the dark sky high up above
The moon shines bright

And we stand below us
And we stand below her
Fuel the fire
Fuel the fire
Fuel the fire
Fuel the fire

Spellbound, confine her
Holy liar
Cry inspire
Yeah, she gets high
Track Name: Precious Desire
Gold and silver
White beach
White beaches

Soon, I follow
I follow, I follow

Grapes from the heavens vine
Take the fruit by design

Lying in science picture
Blue fire set too long


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